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August 2018 Update

Give me 100 people who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God and we will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of God on earth.

Hello Friends,

Everyone receiving this newsletter is a valuable part of the World Methodist Evangelism family. We are so grateful for your involvement, as we could not do this work without you!

As the need in our world grows, our passion for empowering believers grows as well. Through our expanded programs and updated website, we are seeing our vision flourish and thrive for God’s glory. These expansions will help us continue our work to equip and train Christ followers to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

World Methodist Evangelism provides opportunities for pastors and laity to explore the nature and practice of evangelism in a cross-cultural environment while earning continuing education credits. These transformative experiences are critical to building bridges across both geography and tradition and to promoting preaching, teaching, and witnessing grounded uncompromisingly in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Registration is now open.

To register or for more information, contact Rob Haynes:

Expanded Programs: We’ve created two new programs
that will launch in 2019.

Convergence is designed for pastors and lay people interested in engaging post-Christian culture with the saving message of Jesus Christ. Teaching from a distinctly Wesleyan perspective, we will learn from scholars and practitioners from our global Methodist Wesleyan movement. Although previously planned for this August, we determined that coordinating an event at the standard of WME necessitated postponement. The inaugural conference will be in September 2019 in England.

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Residency in Mission (RIM) is an immersive mission and evangelism experience designed for young adults who are called to serve beyond their home country in partnership with ministries in the Wesleyan Methodist family. RIM is a 9-12 month commitment that includes guided mentorship from mission and evangelism leadership experts. RIM also provides opportunities for host ministries to strengthen the work in their local context, while offering residents an environment in which to grow in their ministry service.

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World Methodist Council Meets in Seoul, South Korea

Executive Director, Kim Reisman, and board member Bishop Debbie Wallace Padgett recently attended the World Methodist Council meeting at the Kwanglim Methodist Church in Seoul, South Korea July 12-15, 2018. Bishop Wallace Padgett chairs the WMC Evangelism Standing Committee, and both are on the WMC Steering Committee. The World Methodist Council brings together the worldwide Methodist Wesleyan family – over 80 million people in over 132 countries!

The Evangelism Standing Committee of Council is a valued WME collaborative partner and we’re encouraged by our common vision for impacting the world for Jesus Christ. As a result of our time with the Standing Committee and others on the Council, we’re excited to begin exploring a number of initiatives in the Asia and Southeast Asia regions. It was also an honor to be able to personally welcome our newest Regional Secretary, Rev. Chungsuk Kim, to the global WME team. Rev. Kim is the Senior Pastor of Kwanglim Methodist Church, our hosts for the Council meeting.

Preparation is well underway for the World Methodist Conference, which will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden in August 2021. World Methodist Evangelism will provide workshops in evangelism and mission, as well as a variety of other resources during the conference. We’re especially eager to begin the planning process for Metanoia 2021, which will meet in Sweden immediately preceding the Conference. Start planning now for these great opportunities!

Updated Website

We have improved our website to strengthen our message to make it more visible to those outside our circle. Please visit the site to learn more about who we are and our expanding programs!

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July 2018 Update

Life Changing ~ Faith Shaping: Metanoia 2018


By Kim Reisman, Executive Director

Most of us can look back on our lives and point to an experience that was instrumental in shaping us into the persons we are today. Maybe it was a conversation or encounter with another person that transformed the way we looked at things. Maybe it was an event or incident that remolded our understanding of the world or our faith. Growing into the people God desires us to be requires these kinds of moments – they are a crucial way in which we are formed into mature adults and mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Participating in the first WME sponsored international young adult gathering called ICYCE when I was 20 years old was one such an experience for me. We gathered in Truro, England, slept in tents, heard amazing speakers, and met young Christians from all over the world.

WME held it’s 10th young adult conference – renamed Metanoia – in Alajuela, Costa Rica in June. Over 100 young adults from 20 countries gathered together for a powerful experience of spiritual transformation and deepened commitment to Christ. As I watched them lift their hands in praise, share and pray with one another, come forward for prayer and anointing, or respond to a call to ministry, I realized that this week was as meaningful to them as my experience in England all those years ago had been for me. We were all richly blessed by the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

In the midst of this stimulating movement of God’s Spirit, we were also able to have loads of fun horseback riding, relaxing in hot springs, and zip lining through rain forests. Nights were spent carousing in the swimming pool or in deep conversation over amazing Costa Rican coffee.

The impact is already rippling beyond this one week in Costa Rica. Our Metanoia Movement Groups have provided these young adults a way to continue their commitment to transformation through shared work on issues facing our world. For instance, using Instagram to change understandings of refugees (@ourvoicemovement) or to raise awareness about the trafficking of human organs (@blacklisttheblackmarket) or creating a Facebook challenge to raise awareness of child slavery (#breakfreefriday). If you are an Instragram or Facebook user, you can follow and support the work these young adults have begun. It is an awesome thing when we join the movement of God in our world!

I’m grateful to Bishop Fernando Palomo and Ray Zirkel for welcoming Metanoia so warmly and providing for our every need. Leadership from Ivan Abrahams, Ralph Afghan, Ashley Cooper, Don Reasoner, and Archie Woods was crucial, and God clearly anointed our many gifted speakers like Anne Gatobu, Paulo Lopes, Guillermo Mighthy, Luther Oconer, Sunday Onuoha, Adria Nuñez Ortiz, Graham Singh, Jeremy Steele, Kelcy Steele, Sarah Thebarge, and David Wilkinson. They generously shared their talents through moving bible study, inspired teaching, and powerful preaching.

Over thirty years ago, at ICYCE (WME’s first “Metanoia”), Peter Story, from South Africa, told us that there is a dream in the mind of God. He was right. Gathered in Costa Rica, we heard God’s dream. We saw it with our own eyes. We touched it and it touched us. Now we go to declare it to all the world.

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