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Month: August 2017

Making Room for Awe

The heavens declare the glory of God.

Faith Sharing in Seasons of Crisis

We share the grace of God through word, deed, and sign, whether anybody notices or not.

Keep Up with World Methodist Evangelism

To keep up to date on prayer requests, global events, creative mission, and moves of the Spirit in a variety of countries and denominations, you can also connect with us in a variety of ways.

Around the World in 60 Seconds

This is a brief panorama of the joys and sorrows of Wesleyan Methodists around the globe.

Shouldering Your Cross

I will do whatever it takes so that God can work in me and through me.

Learning to Suffer with Christ

Embracing the pain of the crucifixion in order to experience the power of the resurrection involves right living, not easy living.

Facing the Pain of Passionate Faith

Jesus was full of passion, which makes following in the Jesus way a passionate endeavor.

Elijah: Faith that Acts

To follow Jesus up close, rather than at a distance, we must base our lives on the reality of faith rather than the reality of fear.

Elijah: Are You Willing to Speak Your Faith?

If we are to hear the voice of God, and thus have an understanding of what it means to follow Jesus in real time, we must surround ourselves with the language and voice of God.

August 2017

Devotional ~ The Surprise of the Beattitudes The Beatitudes are helpful because they highlight the contrast between God’s kingdom and…