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The Order of the FLAME (Faithful Leaders AMission Evangelists) is a covenant community within the Wesleyan Methodist family that equips, nurtures, and encourages young clergy and their spouses in evangelism and mission through a yearly conference, ongoing mentorship, and timely resources.

Each year members of the Order of the FLAME gather for four days of inspiration, sharing, learning, and fellowship, and welcome a newly invited class into membership. As a community extending across the entire Wesleyan Methodist family, the Order of the FLAME transcends the boundaries of tradition, and seeks to be a witness to the fullness of God’s kingdom and the whole creation nature of salvation.

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Annual FLAME gatherings focus on cultivating spiritual leaders who understand the holistic nature of evangelism and its connection to all aspects of pastoral leadership. These gatherings provide a launch pad for participants to engage in in-depth spiritual formation, leadership development, mentoring, and disciple-making. Because the Order of the FLAME is not limited to one denomination, gatherings are a unique opportunity to form friendships, learn, and grow with ministry colleagues from across the entire Wesleyan Methodist family.

We believe that the Order of the FLAME is a significant, shaping experience that encourages an environment where leaders from different traditions, races, cultures, and backgrounds can come together around a shared commitment to Jesus Christ.

The FLAME community is bound together by our commitment to being mission evangelists in the communities in which we serve, and by our willingness to offer ourselves as channels of God’s prevenient grace to all people. We are united in our belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and transform, and we join together to proclaim and demonstrate that Jesus Christ reconciles all things, and his Gospel is good news for all creation.

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Those who have been nominated to attend the Order of the FLAME for the first time will receive an invitation from World Methodist Evangelism with registration information and appropriate links.


Members of the Order of the FLAME are always welcome at our annual gatherings. These times together allow for connection, new engagement with emerging leaders, and recommitment to being mission evangelists in the communities in which we serve.


Every day will follow a similar pattern:

  • Morning-Early Afternoon: teaching and workshop sessions
  • Mid-late Afternoon: time for connection, reflection, and leisure
  • Evening: worship and celebration

Teachers, presenters and preachers are invited from different ministry and cultural backgrounds, focusing on themes such as faith-sharing, discernment of call, cross-cultural mission, Christian leadership, etc.

As a bonus, about half-way through the gathering, participants enjoy a fun excursion day, included as part of the experience.

If you are a new member, the FLAME experience is a gift to you and your spouse (if applicable) which includes all conference materials, accommodation for the four nights of the gathering, and all meals. A nominal registration fee and travel expenses are your only responsibilities.

Returning members pay the entire cost of the annual FLAME gathering (conference materials, accommodation for four nights, and meals) through the registration fee for returning members.

other ways to



Because of our commitment to nurturing young leaders, WME offers the FLAME experience as a gift to each new class of members. This gift is not possible without the support of individuals, churches, and other organizations who are dedicated to making the good news known.


FLAME members, bishops and other leaders of the various denominations within the Wesleyan Methodist family in North America are invited to nominate at least one young clergy from each of their conferences or areas, to attend the annual gathering of the Order of the FLAME. The nominated clergy must be under 45 years of age. After receiving the nominations, WME will extend an invitation to each clergy to attend the upcoming FLAME gathering.

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FLAME fellows cohorts will experience a 10-month, in-depth program which includes coaching in a supportive small group context, relational accountability, the opportunity for collaborations work, and experiential learning through guest leaders as well as site visits in the US and abroad.

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