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Fasting is a significant part of the Christian experience, deeply rooted in the teachings and practices of Jesus. Jesus himself set an example by fasting and praying for 40 days, imparting the importance of this spiritual discipline to his disciples. Early Christian communities, like the first century churches, embraced fasting twice weekly, with John Wesley further emphasizing its value in the Methodist Movement.

Today, spanning over 130 countries, the Wesleyan Methodist family unites in a weekly fast that mirrors John Wesley’s lifelong practice. From Thursday evening until mid-afternoon on Friday, participants abstain from solid food. This time of fasting is focused in prayer on the vision that those who follow Jesus in the company of the Wesleys would be empowered to become channels for the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

In a world yearning for healing, hope, and salvation found in Jesus Christ, you are invited to join this meaningful movement. By fasting and praying each week, we seek Holy Spirit empowerment to share the good news so that the world may know Jesus Christ.

To you, O God, we offer the coming day’s devotion of prayer and fasting. We thank you for the example of Jesus. Grant that we may die to ourselves. Make us new in Christ. Feed the starvation of soul, of thought, of will, and after the quiet rest of sleep; open our mouths to praise you in the morning. Through Christ your son, our Light and our Strength. AMEN

How great and gracious you are, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! We pray for your world – for righteousness, justice, and peace, for healing, hope, and salvation. May the whole world know amazing grace and salvation through Jesus Christ. Grant us the courage to become channels through which your love and grace might flow. In the power of the Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN

Thanks be to you, O God, for all your gifts and for the food that we shall not enjoy today. Thanks be to you for the inner nourishment of your presence and for new vigor in our prayer through this sign of fasting. Thanks be to you for Jesus, the Bread of Life. AMEN

To you, O God, we have offered this day of prayer and fasting. We pray for a worldwide Pentecost. Through the Holy Spirit, empower us to share our faith, love our neighbors, and become channels of your peace. In the name of Christ Jesus our Lord, we offer this prayer and sign of fasting. AMEN

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Let's pray together!

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