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Month: April 2017

Looking Forward

It’s become difficult in some ways to guess what the world may look like in five years. What we do know, however, is that since the mid-1700’s, the Wesleyan Methodist family of the Christian faith has grown and flourished in varied soil all around world. We also know that the God who brought us here will continue to guide and direct us.

Praying Around the Globe

Let your eyes wander to places you’ve never heard of, or cities you can’t pronounce. Ask God to be at work in those places. When you’ve prayed around the world, turn the globe so you can see your home region. Picture a map being zoomed in around your house or flat, and pray for God to be at work in your neighborhood, your street, your home.

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Praying for Our Pastors

If you’re part of our community of John Wesley’s pattern of prayer and fasting, we ask that you include in your prayers the pastors who have come through Order of the Flame over the years, including our new 2017 members.

New Life Springs Up

Like the women running from the tomb long ago, we are called to tell the story of new life that cannot be controlled or contained.

On the Road: Witness in Central Asia

Seminar participants are so committed to faith and evangelism. If you want to be Christian here you have to be incredibly committed.

On the Road: Faith in Kyrgyzstan

It’s a joy to work with Wesleyan Methodist leaders from around the world, partnering where the Holy Spirit leads and…