Our Theological Compass

Our theological compass points to the values of evangelism necessary in an interconnected world. It guides us in our commitment to the wholeness of the Christian message, integrity in evangelistic practices, and reconciliation in relationships.

At the heart of Christian faith is an emphasis on sharing it. The gospel is not a message to be privatized. It has been entrusted to the Body of Christ and we make it known through our communal life together.

When we embody Jesus’ expansive welcome and invitation, the gospel becomes real.

When we stand in solidarity with the poor and suffering, the kingdom of God comes near.

When we open ourselves to the presence of the Holy Spirit of Jesus in our communal sacramental life and other means of grace, our spiritual roots grow deep and our lives bear visible fruit.

When we proclaim that the gospel of Jesus the Messiah is good news to all creation and live in faithful obedience to the One who sent him, our words and deeds are in harmony and our witness is strengthened.

Sharing faith depends on theological imagination. In humility, we reach out with compassion to the world as it is – not as we would like it to be. Yet in hope we have the audacity to believe that God is working, even now, to eliminate evil and bring to fruition the justice and peace of the kingdom inaugurated in Jesus of Nazareth.

Sharing faith is a process, a long obedience in the same direction as we walk with people with patience and kindness, courage and perseverance. To share our faith is to work and wait with expectant hope – hope that others will come to know a God who desires that no one be left out of the one family of Abraham; a God who is steadfast and faithful in keeping God’s promises; a God who shares with humanity all that it means to be human; a God present through the Spirit within and among believers, going before them into the world and working through them for redemption.