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Month: January 2017

Valuing Our Global Family

January 30, 2017

Politicians have interests from which Christians may be joyously free. Our faith family is not contained by state lines or party lines, by skin color or culture, by language or ethnicity.

We are free to love each other. And we are free to love others.

What a gift.

Tammie Grimm ~ Celtic Christianity and the Coloring Craze

Yet, whether we like it or not, a sense of alienation begins to creep into our lives, disconnecting us from a life of intentionality, a life of integration, a life of wholeness that is a hallmark of Celtic Christianity.

Celtic Christianity, through its prayers and practices, grounds participants in the fundamentals of who we are as human beings – creatures of God, our lives connected to the earth and related to the world – even the world beyond our tangible senses.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Is Sin Necessary to Know Jesus? Why It Matters

January 26, 2017

It’s dangerous to ground our whole understanding of the second person of the Trinity in a scenario in which the only way we know him truly depends on human sin, as if fallenness is necessary in order to know the Word. Because of fallenness, we know the Word as Jesus Christ, the Word Made Flesh. But to suggest the only possible universe in which we could truly know God is one that has the crucifixion means that God in some way ordained human sinfulness so that we could know him.

Carolyn Moore ~ Suicide and the Enemy of Our Souls

January 25, 2017

Some years ago, another friend lost her sister to suicide. She wrote to ask, “Do you think it is possible that the enemy has kept me down and in such a battle for the last year or two so he could keep me from being there for my sister?”

This is how I answered that question.

Cherishing the Moravian Daily Text

Our heritage comes from our God to whom we belong: our inheritance comes from God, who enables us to share with the saints, in the light. What powerful words in our world today. Our identity is wrapped up in our relating to God. Nothing else can surpass that – not our last name, our nationality, our genes.

Jean Watson ~ All That He Says I Am

January 18, 2017

Singer, violinist, evangelist and Order of the Flame 2016 speaker Jean Watson reflects on how we see ourselves.

Spirit Nudges: Winston Worrell’s Life of Listening

God’s preferred method of interacting with us is to use particular people at particular times, usually to deliver a particular message.

Visible Tokens: Communion through a Chain Link Fence

January 16, 2017

Every month, on the day the gate opens, the Methodist Church is present – on both sides of the wall. There is conversation. There is prayer.

And there is Holy Communion.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Testify: Many Voices, One Song

“The time is always ripe to do right.”

Andy Stoddard ~ Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say

January 15, 2017

“For race, should I check Hispanic?”