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Month: January 2018

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Why Congregations Must Embrace Awkwardness

January 31, 2018

As a friend put it recently, people are uncomfortable with their lack of control; if Bad Thing A can happen to you, then maybe it could happen to me – so let’s find something you did that caused it. That way, I feel safe again.

Our Way of Being in the World

We live in a culture marked by a dramatic lack of trust, and the Church is not exempt as a target for those feelings of suspicion. As the Body of Christ, we have some restorative work to do as we witness for the kingdom.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ The Pastor’s Almanac: A News Rundown for Tired Reverends

January 29, 2018

While the calendar reads January 29th, it can feel like a year’s worth of news and activity has already taken place.

Asylum Seekers, Migrants, and Displaced People: Salvation Army Hosting Global Interactive Summit

Continuing 90-minute sessions are available to view live on the Facebook page today, 29 January, and tomorrow, 30 January. Topics include, “Reflecting on Experience,” “Working with Governments, Other Faith Groups, and NGOs in Refugee and Migration Situations,” “Camp and Community Based Responses,” “Church Based Responses,” and “Tackling Critical Issues.”

Otis T. McMillan ~ When You’re Tired, Afraid, and Uncertain

January 25, 2018

God, when we grow tired and weary, when we stumble and fall, lift our eyes to heaven and remind us to find our hope and strength in You.

Georgia, England, Costa Rica: World Methodist Evangelism Gatherings

January 24, 2018

World Methodist Evangelism has been hard at work preparing to meet you on the road during 2018.

Edgar Bazan ~ The Trinity and the Mission of God

The ministry of the church – the mission that God has given to the church – is meant to be a continuation of the “ministry of the Son, to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the church and world.”

Global Methodists in a New Year

January 22, 2018

Let’s take a few moments to check in on each other as we wait for the Holy Spirit to show us the next steps to take into this new season.

Michelle Bauer ~ Waiting for a New Song

Close your eyes and imagine God turning towards you. What do you see? What might God see?

Kevin Murriel ~ Pressing through the Pain

January 21, 2018

Note: Today as we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the state of our church and our nation…