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Month: December 2018

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Reveal

December 27, 2018

Our world needs to be new again: reborn, pressed against the chest of its Creator. Do galaxies have a newborn smell? Do subatomic particles dance with the hard-to-predict movements of a newborn’s kicking legs? In the youth of the world, did the trees yawn the contented sigh of a just-nursed newborn?

Michelle Bauer ~ Finding Joy and Peace this Christmas Week

December 24, 2018

Christmas is almost here! Thinking backing over the last few weeks, when have you felt the most peaceful? When have you felt the most stress or anxiety? As you think ahead to the coming week, what are you looking forward to? What, if anything, are you dreading? Offer those things into God’s care.


December 19, 2018

Strong hearts and gentle hands As the hopeful anticipation and spiritual preparation of Advent gives way to the joyous celebration…

James Petticrew ~ Gaudete

December 17, 2018

Yesterday was the third Sunday of Advent, called Gaudete Sunday; “gaudete” is Latin for “rejoice.” Even a cursory reading of the Bible reveals that joy and rejoicing are an inevitable overflow in the lives of people who have understood and experienced God at work in their lives.

Jackson Lashier ~ Advent, Esther, & the Absence of God

December 16, 2018

As good as the story of Esther is, however, it presents us with a problem: God is absent. Unlike other Old Testament stories, where we read of God appearing to Abraham or working behind the scenes to foil the plans of the Pharaoh, the story of Esther never mentions God. Rather, the characters in Esther appear to be acting on their own. God, it seems, is absent.

Looking to Share Your Faith? Slow Your Pace

December 10, 2018

By Rev. Dr. Rob Haynes We live in a culture that wants to move faster and faster still. But, is faster…

Karen Bates ~ Hope in a Diner Booth

At a time in my life when things were not like I wanted, I sat in a restaurant booth across…

Barton Price ~ Founder’s Chic

December 5, 2018

I’m a historian by training. It is what I do and how I think. This training orients my own spiritual…

Michelle Bauer ~ Celebrating Advent as a Family: Las Posadas

December 3, 2018

Many families enjoy re-telling the events that happened around the time that someone was born – the mad dash to…

Edgar Bazan ~ Emmanuel: God Wants to Be With Us

December 1, 2018

Christmas is around the corner, and for the Christian church this is the beginning of the Advent season. Advent is…