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Month: July 2017

Elijah: Do You Have a Sustaining Faith Picture?

As we rehearse our vision of faith over and over, keeping it ever before us, it strengthens and sustains us, remaining intact as a source of strength during times of crisis and resistance.

Elijah: Paralyzing Fear vs Powerful Faith

God offers Elijah, and us, three specific spiritual resources: visioning, speaking, and acting.

Guest Post ~ Steve Beard ~ My Joshua Tree

Through all this, Bono remains rock ‘n’ roll’s most effective spiritual provocateur. He sees every stage as a pulpit and every coliseum as a cathedral.

Becoming Kingdom People: The Shape of the Beatitudes

Kingdom-esteem leads to humility, because it involves recognizing that it’s not about us, it’s about what God has done for us.

Spirituality the Jesus Way

God’s blessedness is already there, and we experience it when we seek God’s kingdom.

The Blessing of the Beatitudes

The joy God gives isn’t tied to happenstance, chance, or change. It is deeper, more lasting, and may even have some surprising components.

The Surprise of the Beatitudes

That is the surprise of the Beatitudes—what appears to be a source of unhappiness, turns out to be a source of joy and blessedness.

Following God Beyond Common Sense

As we seek to follow in the Jesus way, we need to recognize that more often than not, rather than being rooted in common sense, the Jesus way defies common sense.

Little Pentecosts

The disciples were transformed into messengers by the presence of Jesus in real time, through the power of the Holy Spirit.