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Month: September 2023

My Calling by Maxie Dunnam

September 25, 2023

I’m 89 years old. I received what was called a “local preacher’s license” when I was 17. During these 72…

A Solid Foundation by Brian Yeich

September 21, 2023

For over a year, we have been renovating my grandparents’ house which was built in 1943. We replaced windows, electrical…

Little Christs by Maxie Dunnam

September 18, 2023

Christians are “little Christs.” Being Christian is being Christ in the world. What Christ has been and done for us,…

Discipling Over Programming by Rob Haynes

September 14, 2023

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Make Disciples Sooner I come to you today with a confession:  I failed to take seriously…

One in Whom Christ is Felt to Live Again by Maxie Dunnam

September 11, 2023

Someone has defined a saint as “one in whom Christ is felt to live again.” That really is a definition…

Being Christian by Maxie Dunnam

September 4, 2023

Often, when I’m teaching the Christian faith, I ask people to name one person who best communicates the meaning of…