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Month: August 2014

Bryan Collier ~ Intoxicated: The Power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:12-2:13)

August 30, 2014

I am God’s plan for turning the world upside-down. You are God’s plan for turning the world upside-down. And for this reason, Jesus promised and God pours out power on every follower of Jesus.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Why I Love Being Wesleyan

August 29, 2014

For Wesleyans, the Bible matters, becoming more and more like Jesus Christ matters, the freedom to exercise the will matters, the means of grace matter, and people matter, from the least and the last to the prominent and powerful: it is full-orbed, Spirit-driven engagement with the Word of God and the world, soup and Scripture, Ebola medication and intercessory prayer.

Kimberly Reisman ~ From One Degree of Glory

August 28, 2014

The painting Reflections, celebrates the awesome process of changing into who we are and whose we are, God’s children, made in his image. God finds such delight in this process, especially when we reflect and acknowledge his grace within the journey.

Jerry Walls ~ I Wish More Arminians were More Like Calvinists

August 27, 2014

In short, we need more Arminians with an edge. These are Arminians who understand that the claims of Calvinism and Arminianism are mutually exclusive, and they cannot both be right. They understand that there are important issues at stake and that there are large practical implications. Not the least of these is the very character and love of God. Does God truly love all persons, and do we have a gospel of good news for all persons?

Mike Coyner ~ Leaving a Legacy

August 25, 2014

David understood the important of leaving a legacy. He understood that each generation should stockpile resources for the next generation. He accepted that his own failures and inadequacies would prevent him from accomplishing everything he wanted to do during his own lifetime, but he used that fact as a motivation for the future success of those who would come after him.

Carolyn Moore ~ A Sermon for Pastors

August 23, 2014

I can forget what Jesus is capable of and why he’s filled me with the Holy Spirit and what he’s called me to do. I find myself telling God how big my storm is, rather than telling my storm how big my God is.

John Meunier ~ The Big Ask

August 18, 2014

In the church, we often are so soft about what we are doing that we can’t speak to people about concrete objectives and goals. We can’t even tell whether we are doing well because we don’t know what doing well looks like. And, my son observed, we often seem more concerned about everyone liking us than speaking what we believe.

Tom Fuerst ~ Terms and Conditions Do Apply

August 16, 2014

The central question for Abraham was never, “Are you circumcised?” The central question was, “Is your circumcision a reflection of walking blamelessly and faithfully before God?” The central question for the church, then, is, “In doing these things [baptism, accepting Jesus, or taking Communion] are they expressions of faithfulness and an awareness and a pursuit of the terms and conditions of a covenant relationship with God?” It is not, “Do you call yourself a Christian?” It is, “Do you live a life worthy of that name?”

Kimberly Reisman ~ The Next Step

August 14, 2014

Since 2005, I’ve been working to empower people to take the next step on their journey of faith – for some people that’s been a first step, for others it’s been the next of many. Now, it seems, I will be taking my own next step, and as a result, so will Wesleyan Accent.

Joy Moore ~ So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

August 11, 2014

The challenge for the disciples was to be the bridge for someone else to experience justice. When Jesus called the disciples, he didn’t send them out in search of instant conversions. He gave them an example of living before telling. Doing before speaking. Go. Make. Baptize. And teach. This is one way in which Jesus was the incarnation of God. His life was a demonstration of God’s promises given to a chosen people on behalf of every nation. Use words to explain not promise, because God has already made the promise that matters.