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Month: May 2019


May 30, 2019

We are excited to announce that our 2019-2020 Resident In Mission, Eliza Edge, has received a placement with East City…

Looking Ahead . . .

WME is involved in a variety of ministries and covets your prayers for these upcoming events: May 30 – June…

In the Waiting: Prayer and Action by Jean Watson

May 29, 2019

I know the things God has promised he will do through me, but sometimes I feel like he’s not working fast enough, so I need to work harder to make things happen. Often I find myself worrying and striving because I’m not willing to wait on God.

When You Need the Strength to Stand by Michelle Bauer

May 28, 2019

Where will you go this week that you will be grateful to have God’s presence with you? What difference will it make to have God with you in that place or situation? When you are discouraged or terrified, how easy is it to make the choice to be strong and courageous?

Navigating Challenges: Trust, Act, and Expect by Otis T. McMillan

May 16, 2019

There is safety in being God-conscious at all times. Before decisions are made, seek the mind of God.

Which Story Will You Tell? by Suzanne Nicholson

May 15, 2019

And the soldiers—the protectors of civil order— decide to bury the truth. They take their bribe and the promise of protection from Pilate’s wrath, and they toe the party line. They protect the power of a broken world.But the women—the ones with little influence, the ones who are least likely to be believed—they run from the empty tomb with great joy. It is only as they are obedient to the angel’s command that Jesus himself appears to them.

Looking Ahead . . .

May 2, 2019

WME is involved in a variety of ministries and covets your prayers for these upcoming events:   May 9-11, 2019…

Meet our new Board Members

Bishop Bobby Best is the presiding Bishop of the Ninth Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. WME has…

Faithful Leaders as Mission Evangelists ~ Order of the FLAME 2019

In March the Order of the FLAME gathered at Epworth by the Sea for its annual week of Holy Spirit…