Metanoia is a unique opportunity for young people across the global Wesleyan Methodist family to join together in worship, study, training, and encouragement to live more fully as committed disciples of Jesus Christ, to share their faith with boundless love and boldness, and to impact their world with greater courage and integrity on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Since 1980, World Methodist Evangelism has empowered young people to live as grace filled, faith sharing, disciples of Jesus Christ. Between 1980 and 2010, over 6,500 young people, ages 17-30 from 60 countries have been a part of our International Christian Youth Conferences on Evangelism (ICYCE). These transformative experiences have taken place in England (1980), Bahamas (1983), Australia (1987), Mexico (1990), Germany (1994), the United States (1998), Northern Ireland (2002), Brazil (2005), and Korea (2010).

In 2018, building on the strength of ICYCE and emphasizing the importance of spiritual transformation, over 100 young people from over 20 countries gathered in Costa Rica to launch Metanoia.

John Wesley said all he needed was 100 people – lay or clergy – who love God and hate evil, and they would shake the gates of hell and usher in the Kingdom of God. Through Metanoia, WME is raising up young people who love God and hate evil. We are shaking the gates of hell as we empower these young Christ followers to deepen their faith, share it with integrity and grace, and impact their world on behalf of Jesus Christ.

We will gather young adults from across the globe again for the next Metanoia in Sweden. Watch for more information for Metanoia – A Covenant of Belonging: Living as faithful stewards of our world and its people. This will be a faith strengthening, mission empowering, horizon expanding time of transformation.

If you’re between 18-35, we want you to join us at the next Metanoia! You’ll meet people from all over the world who are part of the Methodist Wesleyan family of Christ followers, be exposed to excellent speakers and others who are making a difference in the world on behalf of Jesus Christ.

The focus of Metanoia:

  • Deepening our spiritual roots so we are better able to show and share the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Discovering our place in the global community of believers and building relationships that extend beyond our own contexts and last long after we leave.
  • Expanding our vision of God’s purpose for our lives (a purpose that’s always larger than ourselves) and connecting with others to make a difference in our world.