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Strong hearts and gentle hands

As the hopeful anticipation and spiritual preparation of Advent gives way to the joyous celebration of Christmas, I pray that you might experience the depth of God’s love for you. It is a love that boggles the human mind – embodied in a tiny baby boy, born into poverty and rejected by those he came to love. It is a love that will always be larger than we can comprehend with our limited hearts and lives, but a love so radically unconditional, so dramatically forgiving, so magnificently gracious, righteous, pure and just, that it has been transforming lives for centuries.
One of my favorite Christmas cards my family has sent out over the years includes the following message:

The Dream of God shall be carried in strong hearts and gentle hands.

At World Evangelism, our hope is that we are able in some way to be either a strong heart or a gentle hand in bearing an admittedly partial rendering of God’s dream to the world. More importantly, we pray that you, and Christ followers across the globe, will be inspired to be that strong heart and gentle hand, bearing God’s dream wherever you find yourself.
A joyous Christmas to each of you…
Peace, Kim