Do you feel uneasy or inexperienced when it comes to sharing your faith? Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus is a faith-sharing resource to help you share your faith with boldness, confidence and grace! Embrace explores six values that comprise the essence of authentic faith sharing: Humility, Clarity, Prayer, Integrity, Worship, and Urgency.

Embrace is available in several formats to help share your faith with those you love:


Looking for a small group study on faith-sharing? The Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus Study Book is designed for use by individuals and small groups. It is divided into six sessions – an introductory session followed by five sessions focusing on the essential values of faith sharing (humility, clarity, prayer, integrity, worship, and urgency) and includes guidelines and activities for each weekly gathering in addition to participants’ reading and activities. The Embrace study book is $15.00 plus shipping. ORDER HERE

If you are a leader or member of a group, please complete the Study Book Registration Form to receive additional information to encourage you on the Embrace journey.


Is faith-sharing just the pastors role? Absolutely not! Equip your congregation to be disciples that make disciples through an Embrace Workshop! Using the metaphor of embrace, Christ followers are offered a new way of envisioning sharing their faith that restores confidence, competence, and a responsiveness to the power of the Holy Spirit. Embrace Workshops can be taught in congregational, district, conference or other organizational settings.

Whether In-person or Digital this study is a blend of lecture, storytelling, small group discussion, and individual reflection. These workshops are divided into six sessions: an introductory session followed by five sessions focused on the essential values. Designed for both laity and clergy the study provides basic theological and scriptural foundations for evangelism and its essential values, as well as opportunities for reflection and group discussion.

Each session includes teaching by author, Kimberly Reisman, Executive Director of World Methodist Evangelism. The digital format sessions are subdivided into independent, shorter video segments to allow time for participants to process what they have heard, pray, and share with one another.  Opportunities for small group sharing, either via in-person or web-based conversations, is a critical part of the Embrace experience and is highly encouraged.

The Hybrid Workshop contains all the components of the digital workshop plus a live, 1-hour, web-based conversation with the author of the study, Kimberly Reisman, for each of the six sessions. These web-based conversations include a short introductory teaching time, with the bulk of the session devoted to questions and dialogue.

If interested in hosting a workshop, please complete the workshop request form.


Are you a pastor looking for ways ways to grow your ministry and expand your reach? The Church Resource Kit is available to augment the study book experience. It includes a copy of the study book, Scripture passages, sermon series ideas, slide templates, and other resources to coordinate Sunday worship with the small group curriculum. For more information about the Church Resource Kit or purchase options contact us at info@worldmethodist.org.

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