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Faith Sharing in Seasons of Crisis

Sometimes it can feel like the world is in crisis. 

It feels that way because often, that’s true. It is.  

But it is also true that that is nothing new. Our beautiful world is exquisite one moment, like when middle America held its breath to witness the majesty of the eclipse last week, and reeling with brokenness the next. 

Christ followers are called to follow Jesus rain or shine. When there is no dramatic crisis – when the streets aren’t flooded, when hurricanes aren’t on the weather map – we are called to follow Jesus faithfully. We are called to proclaim the good news of the inbreaking kingdom on slow, boring Thursdays or quiet news cycles. We share the grace of God through word, deed, and sign, whether anybody notices or not. 

At the same time, faith communities have learned the skills to mobilize in a crisis. Whether Jesus’ disciples are fishing refugees out of the Mediterranean Sea, bringing them to dry land, or whether Jesus’ disciples are filling flood buckets for disaster relief in the United States, or whether Jesus’ disciples are helping neighboring villages attacked by Boko Haram, or whether Jesus’ disciples are digging through earthquake rubble south of the equator, we are able to be present to each other in moments of heartbreak and crisis. 

Do you balance faithfully plugging away on quiet days with a ready response to unfolding emergency? Each demands something different of us. But each also demands the same posture – that of Jesus Christ. 

So, then, whether rain or shine, in all things, let us give thanks for the opportunity to be Christ’s hands and feet. And let us serve faithfully long after the news cameras leave.