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Around the World in 60 Seconds

While events in the United States have dominated the North American news cycle, every day Methodists around the world encounter all kinds of opportunities and difficulties. 

You may remember the idea to pray around the globe as part of your regular prayer routine. Let’s join together to offer gratitude and intercession for our Wesleyan Methodist family around the world as we review recent happenings. John Wesley famously said, “the world is my parish,” but we know that our God created our universe and holds the earth and, yes, sun and moon in loving, all-powerful hands. 

*President of the World Methodist Council Rev. J.C. Park has called for renewed prayers for peace on the Korean peninsula. He directs churches towards a prayer for North and South Korea. 

*The Methodist Church in Singapore is celebrating 26 years of mission through its Methodist Mission Society, which it initiated in 1991. As you can read in, “Amidst Change, A Mission Unchanged,”  

As the first home-grown missionary sending agency, MMS is required to “work with local churches as its partners to promote the service opportunities and needs of mission fields selected by the Society.” 

Over the last 25 years, MMS’ objectives have been achieved in part through committed and able leadership, both in the Home Office and the mission fields. Partnership with our local churches has also contributed significantly to MMS’ integrated approach in church planting and community development. 

*The Church of the Nazarene celebrates the story of a Syrian refugee who found Christ through a church in Beirut. “Naseef’s family decided to send him to Lebanon to save his life. He moved into a house with other refugee friends near the Beirut Church of the Nazarene.” 

*Dr Olubunmi Olayisade, Africa Partnership Coordinator for the Connexional Team of the Methodist Church in Britain, has issued a response to the tragic calamity that recently unfolded near Freetown, Sierra Leone, where mudslides have devastated the region and claimed many lives. Along with other organizations, the Methodist Church in Britain is making it easy for donations to be made in response to the crisis. 

It was with great shock and sympathy that we watched the destruction of homes, properties and lives of the flood victims on the news yesterday. We heard the sad news that over 300 deaths were reported and over 2000 people were rendered homeless on the first day. It is certain that the death toll will rise. 

We therefore join our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone in mourning the deaths of community members and friends in Freetown. We pray for prompt response in getting humanitarian support to the flood victims to avert further deaths and hardship. 

*The Methodist-related Iglesia Evangélica Española, or Evangelical Church of Spain, issued a response to the deadly terror attacks in Barcelona, saying in part: “The pain and the horror assail us…We stand in solidarity with the families and with the city of Barcelona and we pray that barbarism will not also take away our principles of solidarity and respect. We think of the many places in Europe and beyond European borders…where this kind of gratuitous and ruthless violence is suffered and we think of broken families.” 

*The National Sunday School Department of the Methodist Church in Brazil is launching studies for children inspired by Katharina Von Bora, Martin Luther’s wife, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this autumn. 

This is a brief panorama of the joys and sorrows of Wesleyan Methodists around the globe. I encourage you today to pray for our sisters and brothers in Christ as we let our light shine in the darkness. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]