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Looking Forward

World Methodist Evangelism represents millions of Wesleyan Methodists from a variety of denominations around the world. We exist under the umbrella of the World Methodist Council, a body that links people together through a variety of ways.

Last fall we had the pleasure of gathering together with Wesleyan Methodists from all around the globe to worship, learn, connect, and encourage. There is nothing like the World Methodist Conference. It is a truly humbling experience.

In March, World Methodist Council leadership visited Sweden, where they both conducted business and began to sketch out plans for the next World Methodist Conference to be held in that northern European country in 2021. It’s become difficult in some ways to guess what the world may look like in five years. What we do know, however, is that since the mid-1700’s, the Wesleyan Methodist family of the Christian faith has grown and flourished in varied soil all around world. We also know that the God who brought us here will continue to guide and direct us.

What might God do between now and 2021? Will you join us in praying for the global family of Wesleyan Methodists between now and then? Do you have the ongoing courage and energy to look forward? We pray that God ignites in you a passion for Kingdom work that cannot be extinguished.