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World Methodist Evangelism: Connect

World Methodist Evangelism promotes and practices local and global faith-sharing from a Wesleyan Methodist perspective within the Body of Christ. We believe the integration of word, deed and sign witnesses to the inbreaking Kingdom of God as we look for the redemption of creation.

At the point of pragmatic implementation, we work to equip local church leaders and strengthen relationships globally within the Wesleyan Methodist family. Whether preaching evangelism seminars in Vladivostok or worshiping in Kenya, whether presenting at North American evangelism conferences or connecting with Methodists at the World Methodist Conference, we hope to encourage excellence, confidence, and passion for sharing the life-giving faith that we cherish.

Follow along with us at our website,, on our World Methodist Evangelism Facebook page, through our Twitter feed, or on our Pinterest page. You can also sign up to receive weekly emails encouraging your practice of the Wesleyan pattern of prayer and fasting by emailing shirley (at) worldmethodist (dot) org.

Find out how you can catch World Methodist Evangelism on the road this summer here.