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WME strategizes for the future

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A crucial source of guidance for WME comes from our Regional Secretaries who are located across Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North America, Pacifica, and South America. These global leaders help us identify the challenges facing the church in their part of the world. We recently gathered the WME Regional Secretaries in Seoul, South Korea to create strategies for WME’s ongoing work worldwide. We are grateful to Rev. Chungsuk Kim, WME’s Regional Secretary for the Far East and Senior Pastor of Kwanglim Church, for hosting us so graciously and are excited about the upcoming initiatives that will unfold over the next several years.

Christians worldwide face many hurdles as they share the good news of Jesus Christ and WME is committed to coming alongside our sisters and brothers to equip them to meet these challenges. During our time together, we were able to create strategies to address a wide range of issues such as:

  • the deliberate and strategic expansion of Islam
  • the prevalence of nominalism, secularization, and pluralism
  • the challenges of migration, poverty, and access to health care
  • the need for the translation of teaching resources
  • the need for church planting and inner city church revitalization
  • the importance of reaching the next generation

Much of WME’s current programs such as the Order of the FLAME and Embrace evangelism are well suited to address these challenges through training and education and we have begun plans to expand this work to Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Russia, the Baltics, and Eastern Europe. The various components of these training opportunities will be shaped by the unique issues of each area. Our ongoing collaboration with Vision Africa to provide Media and Communication education has proven to be extremely effective and we have begun plans to broaden the reach of that annual training opportunity as well.

Planning is well underway for the 11th gathering of Metanoia, WME’s international young adult gathering, in Sweden in 2021. We are also excited about the possibility that Metanoia will be held in 2023 in Africa. This will be the 12th gathering and the first on that continent.

Translation efforts are also underway for a variety of WME’s evangelism resources including Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus, and based on the discussions in Seoul, we are developing a range of online evangelism resources as well.

We are grateful for the commitment of our Regional Secretaries and their willingness to come alongside WME with their wisdom and guidance. God has blessed WME with creative leadership and we are energized by the exciting opportunities that lay before us all.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]