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World Methodist Evangelism is committed to raising up young leaders who understand the challenges and opportunities of offering Christ in the 21st century. We also believe that ministry is never a solo endeavor. When clergy are married, their spouse and children are as much a part of ministry as they are.

We believe that the Order of the FLAME is a significant, shaping experience for young clergy and their spouses that encourages an environment where leaders from different traditions, races, cultures, and backgrounds can come together around a shared commitment to Jesus Christ.

Because of our commitment to nurturing young leaders, WME offers the FLAME experience as a gift to each new class of members.

The cost to send one couple to the Order of the FLAME is $700.00, but this gift is not possible without the support of individuals, churches, and other organizations who are dedicated to making the good news known.

To make a gift to support the Order of the FLAME, contact Bonnie Hollabaugh.




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