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The Word Became Flesh

Damien Spikereit is a preacher whose father died just two days before his high school graduation. He didn’t have very strong faith at that point, so he was struggling to hear God speak in his time of need. He really wanted to know what God had to say about his situation. How God was going to get him through this difficult time.

So he started praying and waited for God to speak.

The funeral came and the church was packed, but Damien doesn’t remember much about it. Afterwards, everyone greeted him, but he doesn’t remember much about that either. But he continued to wait for God to speak.

Then he saw a classmate from school, Kim O’Quinn. She was his age – they were in the same youth group. When she got to him, she didn’t say a word. She had tears in her eyes and she just hugged him and walked off.

Suddenly, Damien says, he heard God speak.

It dawned on him that just months before, he had attended another funeral – the funeral for Kim’s father. In that moment she knew exactly what it meant to be Damien.

The word became flesh and lived among us.

The good news of Christmas is that if you want to hear God’s voice in your life, you don’t have to look any further than the one who knows exactly what it’s like to be you.