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Life Changing ~ Faith Shaping

Most of us can look back on our lives and point to an experience that was instrumental in shaping us into the persons we are today. Maybe it was a conversation or encounter with another person that transformed the way we looked at things. Maybe it was an event or incident that remolded our understanding of the world or our faith. Growing into the people God desires us to be requires these kinds of moments – they are a crucial way in which we are formed into mature adults and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Participating in a WME-sponsored international young adult gathering called ICYCE when I was 20 years old was this kind of experience for me. We gathered in Truro, England, slept in tents, heard amazing speakers, and met young Christians from all over the world. Peter Story, from South Africa, challenged us with words that have stayed with me ever since:  

For these seven days, I want you to dream with God, because there is a dream in the mind of God, and I want you to do what John the Evangelist did a long time ago, I want you to hear God’s dream. I want you to see it with your own eyes. I want you to touch that dream and to feel that dream touch you. And then I want you to go and declare it to all the world. 

In 2018 young adults from all over the world will mobilize for the 10th WME young adult conference, renamed Metanoia. We will gather in Alajuela, Costa Rica and even though we won’t be sleeping in tents, there will be amazing speakers like Danielle Strickland and Stanley John. Danielle is an officer in the Salvation Army, and is a speaker, author, and social justice advocate. Her “aggressive compassion” has made the boundless love of Jesus Christ visible and tangible to people all over the world. Stanley is an Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies at Alliance Graduate School of Mission and is passionate about forming servant leaders for Christ. He will help us view scripture in a global Christian context, particularly in light of global migration. 

There will be numerous other leaders who will lead us in deepening our commitment to Jesus Christ, discovering our place in the global community of believers, and expanding our vision of God’s purpose for our lives. In the midst of that we will also have loads of fun exploring volcanos and ziplining through rain forests.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a faith-shaping, life-changing experience. If you or someone you know are interested in joining us, you can email Shirley Dominick for more information.  

As Peter Story said all those years ago, there is a dream in the mind of God. Metanoia will be a place where we can hear God’s dream, see it with our own eyes, touch it and be touched by it – and then go declare it to all the world. I hope you’ll join me!