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Kimberly Reisman ~ What’s Your Story?

In the midst of great pain in North America, many clergy and laypeople within our Wesleyan Methodist family are hurting, are participating in reconciliation events, and are attempting to provide leadership in extremely difficult times.

Throughout the Methodist and Wesleyan denominations present in the U.S., within our family we have community leaders, law enforcement officers, active military members, nonprofit leaders, and protest organizers and participants. Our roles overlap and connect, find points of connection and unique departure. Many worship services Sunday provided opportunity during the weekly service to cry out to God for help, to confess our sins, to lament and honor the dead.

Please share on our Facebook page how you or your congregation are discerning a response of faithful witness, whether you’ve prayed in a prayer vigil, engaged with local law enforcement, participated in peaceful protest or have found practical ways to serve your community members.

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