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Kimberly Reisman ~ The Next Step

Since 2005, I’ve been working to empower people to take the next step on their journey of faith – for some people that’s been a first step, for others it’s been the next of many. Now, it seems, I will be taking my own next step, and as a result, so will Wesleyan Accent. Beginning September 1, I will take the reins of leadership at World Methodist Evangelism as Executive Director. It’s a challenging opportunity; yet I’m extremely excited. Many of you already know about this news, but if you are unfamiliar with WME, you can read the official press release here.

One of the implications of this upcoming change is that I will no longer be able to oversee Wesleyan Accent. I’ll continue to blog – you can check out my newly redesigned site at Seedbed has graciously come alongside me in creating the site and I hope you’ll continue to follow me there. You’ll also still be able to follow me on Twitter (@KimsNextStep) and on Facebook.

Elizabeth Glass Turner
Elizabeth Glass Turner

The work of Wesleyan Accent will continue uninterrupted. One of our regular contributors, Elizabeth Glass Turner, will begin in my stead in a few short weeks. Elizabeth has been writing for Wesleyan Accent since our launch last year. She has an MA in Theological Studies and recently wrote an essay that appeared in the volume, The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes. Elizabeth has also written for Good News magazine, Asbury Theological Seminary, Cengage Learning, Lynne Marian: Strategic Communications, Demand Media as well as a variety of other websites. I have enjoyed working with Elizabeth and have found her to have a keen mind and sensitive spirit – traits that have been reflected in her many posts and which will serve both her and Wesleyan Accent well. I’m confident Wesleyan Accent is in good hands.

Thank you to all who have come along side me and Wesleyan Accent during this inaugural year. I never could have imagined how many wonderful people God would place in my path and I’m confident God can be counted on to continue providing excitement and surprises. I pray that as we continue to follow Jesus in the company of the Wesleys, our witness will be strengthened, our faith enriched and God’s kingdom experienced as never before.