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Methodism Around the World – Brazil

In July the wonderous movement of the Holy Spirit was experienced in Brazil.

From July 24 -29, Central Methodist Church in Londrina, Brazil, World Methodist Evangelism, Agência Malta Metodista, and many dedicated teachers worked together to host a regional young adult seminar called Metanoia.

The word metanoia has Greek origins and is defined as a transformative change of heart.

With the hope of cultivating leaders who will help build faith-sharing movements, Metanoia gathers together passionate young adults for several days of worship, study, and training. This gathering is a unique opportunity for these young leaders to connect with each other and with God, and to learn with others who are passionate about sharing the gospel. This experience, also allows these young people an opportunity to discern their calling as they are encouraged to live more fully as committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

These young leaders are the catalyst to motivate their generation to impact the world with greater courage and integrity on behalf of Jesus Christ. As they build relationships that extend beyond our own contexts, they expand their vision of God’s purpose for their lives.


Here is one testimony from our time together:

Loeci –

I had high expectations for Metanoia. I had planned for my whole family to come but it didn’t work out. My daughter became sick about a week before we were set to leave. Very sick. What’s worse, we were told she would need to spend 7-10 days in the hospital. My family is most important to me, so this meant I might miss Metanoia. Since I was at the hospital for so long, I took the opportunity to share the gospel with other mothers who were also there with their kids. Meanwhile, I was praying for a miracle, for quick healing for my daughter, so I could attend. I prayed, put it in God’s hands, packed my bags, and kept praying.

After several days of uncertainty, my daughter was finally released from the hospital just a few minutes before I needed to leave! I was still nervous about attending Metanoia, but my husband and daughter told me to go. They said it was important for the relationships and to discern what God had for us next. I had felt called to serve orphans and widows in another country, but the timing for me and my family was not right, so I asked God to give me my next step. After attending Metanoia, I now have clarity on what’s next: to serve that same hospital where my daughter was cared for!

The picture is me sharing with my husband and Pastor Flavio about everything that I learned at Metanoia and about the work I would like to do in the hospital!!