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Month: February 2018

Guest Post: Rebecca Bratten Weiss ~ Women Are the True Heroes of Star Wars

February 5, 2018

Men who object to women taking central roles in the church might want to remember what place the women took in the gospels: at the foot of the cross, present with Christ, at the moment when God himself was pierced and blood and water flowed.

Carrie Carter ~ Living Alive

Life, as it should be lived, is far more than a bucket list, more than another experience to cross off.

Heather Semple ~ Feed the Creature

February 3, 2018

Every day matters.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ When Curiosity is Christ-Like

February 1, 2018

Curiosity about others, curiosity about their lives, opens us up to opportunities to acknowledge and reflect their value: they are worth noticing. In a distracted world, this is explosively powerful.

February 2018 Update

 Order of the Flame is Coming Up March 12-16! Here are a few of our speakers you don’t want to…