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Andy Stoddard ~ Our Most Important Meeting

There is so much that we can learn about God, our life, our calling, by looking at the life of Jesus Christ.  He can teach us how to love, how to be faithful, how to be holy, how to see to live out the good news of God’s love each day.

And today we see something very significant, and very important to Jesus’ life and his ministry.  Look at what we see in Mark 1: 35-36: “In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed. And Simon and his companions hunted for him.” 

Of all the things in the Bible that strike me, this is among those that always brings me the most wonder.  Jesus Christ – second person of the Trinity, of the very nature and being of the Father and the Spirit – knew the importance of prayer. 

Prayer, at its most basic level, is about communion and relationship with God.  Jesus wanted to be in the presence of the Father.  So no matter how busy his path, no matter what was going on, he was going to spend time with his Father.

Because only time spent with his Father made walking the path possible.  Only time spent with the Father gives clarity, gives direction, gives strength, gives vision, gives what we need. 

Time spent in prayer is never wasted.  Time spent in prayer is not about getting our wishes granted.  Time spent in prayer is being present with God and allowing the fog to lift.  It is time that allows the business, the frustration, the rush of this world to lift from our souls and for us to see things as they really are.

We learn to see through God’s eyes, not through our fears, doubts, worries, and stress.  The fog lifts.  We can see clearly.

Jesus valued his life of prayer.  We must as well.  We must prioritize.  We must make it important. Because there is no more important meeting we have today than to meet God in prayer.