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Month: June 2015

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ What Pastors Can Learn from Zumba

June 10, 2015

You need to have some area in your life, some space in your life, where you have to be the clueless follower.

Carrie Carter ~ What Do You Really Want?

June 8, 2015

As the roots of my faith dig down deep, and as my relationship with my Heavenly Father grows, I find myself desiring completely different things than I used to. I don’t desire “stuff.” Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of material things that I would love to have, but when he asks me, “what do you really want?” all the “stuff” falls away.

What do I really want?

Andy Stoddard ~ Keep on Moving: Perfect in Love

June 4, 2015

What is the point of our faith? What are we after? What are we doing? We are seeking, by his grace, to be more like God. And what is God? Holy and Love.

Tom Fuerst ~ Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over the End of the World

June 3, 2015

Creation, time, space, love, truth, goodness, and beauty are not afterthoughts in God’s plan to save the world. Each plays an intricate role in that plan. Each contributes something the overall whole of the gospel. Each reminds us of God’s good intentions for his world and the inhabitants thereof. And no matter your eschatology, you are called to live in creation, time, space, love, truth, goodness, and beauty at least until God takes you out of this world.

Kevin Murriel ~ Race: The Newest Old Issue Confronting American Christian Life

June 1, 2015

What he and I understand is that we are the Church–one, holy, apostolic, and universal–and our witness demands that we live in these intentional, uncomfortable relationships and lead the difficult conversations about the race problem.