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Kingdom Connections

During WME’s close to 50-year history, the shape of the Wesleyan Methodist movement has changed and grown. New denominations have been created, others have become autonomous, and still others have expanded beyond their original boundaries. Because World Methodist Evangelism provides a connection point for all of the these dynamic and engaged Churches, one of the most exciting aspects of our work has been to witness this exciting new growth and change.

As we strengthen discipleship and equip Christ followers to share their faith, we are blessed to be able to bring the Methodist Wesleyan family together around a common purpose. We are grateful that the Holy Spirit does not limit us to one Church, but empowers us to cross denominational boundaries so that the whole world might truly come to know Jesus Christ.

Whether we’re in North America bringing AME’s, AMEZ’s, CME’s, UMC’s, and Wesleyans together for our Order of the FLAME young clergy gathering…

or in New Zealand bringing the Chinese Methodist Church, the Methodist Wesleyan Church, the Methodist Church, and the Salvation Army together for an Embrace faith sharing training event…

or in Indonesia bringing the various Methodist Churches in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia together to launch a Southeast Asia chapter of the Order of the FLAME…

we are passionate about helping all the people of the Methodist Wesleyan family go deeper into their own faith in order to share it more authentically with others.

Jesus described the kingdom of God as a mustard seed – starting out as the tiniest of seeds, yet growing into a huge shrub with strong branches. Our Methodist Wesleyan family is also like a mustard seed, beginning as a small movement many years ago, but becoming continually stronger as new branches have sprouted and grown. We are grateful to be able to connect all these branches so that God’s kingdom of love and grace may be known throughout the world.

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