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Wesleyan Accent ~ Tune In: New Room Livestream

This week, on your lunch break or between meetings, while you’re folding laundry or recuperating from surgery, the must-see experience is the New Room livestream:

A couple of times, Wesleyan Accent has reviewed this conference that’s only a few years old, with reflections like this, from At Your Table: New Room Deconstructed:

“If you really want to see something odd, attend a gathering where people apologize to each other for things that were said or done years ago. When that happens, you know the Holy Spirit is teasing out the deep places of peoples’ souls. At that moment, pastors and laypeople are willing to lay aside the desire to be perceived as in the right.”

The next year, “I saw scholars, professors, pastors, worship leaders lying flat, face down on the ground in prayer. A prayer and worship service that was scheduled to be 90 minutes long went on for three and a half hours. It didn’t feel that long.”

This year, the schedule of speakers promises to be more representative and diverse than ever. We hope you’ll tune in.