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A New Chapter for Wesleyan Accent

As January 2023 draws to a close, Wesleyan Accent is poised to enter a new chapter. The website first drew breath – so to speak – more than ten years ago, when Dr. Maxie Dunnam envisioned a hub of reflection and resources that would carve a distinctly Wesleyan Methodist niche online. Contributors would explore the wide realm of the Christian faith – with a distinctly Wesleyan accent.

Since that time, hundreds of pastors, professors, ministry spouses, missionaries, nonprofit directors, and writers have contributed sermons, articles, interviews, essays, poetry, and more. Contributors have shared the fruit of the labors from across a wide Wesleyan Methodist world – Nazarenes and United Methodist, AME Zion and Wesleyans, Free Methodist and AME.

From Charles Wesley hymns to youth ministry, from funeral homilies to the redemption of animal suffering, from Francis Asbury to Celtic Christianity, from intercession to racial justice, from the man lowered through a roof to be healed to centering prayer – philosophy of religion, biblical study, church history, spiritual disciplines, sermons, cultural engagement, missiology have tumbled together in a delightful celebration of the Christian faith as lived out by its opinionated, gifted, sometimes rowdy, always dedicated, often cheerful Wesleyan Methodist children.

These archives will continue to be available online, a treasure trove for the lucky person who wanders in on rainy days.

Moving into the future – as Wesleyan Methodists always do, with grace and hope – Wesleyan Accent will continue in a renewed iteration, perched in the branches of World Methodist Evangelism. Going forward, the content on Wesleyan Accent will build on the excellent work established by WME, focusing on mission, evangelism, and discipleship: a pressing calling for our hungry and hurting world.

Early in 2022, I communicated with Dr. Kim Reisman – head of WME – that I knew the time was coming when I needed to step away from managing Wesleyan Accent. Being entrusted with the platform for eight years, through domain moves, transitions, profound church crises, global crises, and cultural challenges has been a profound privilege; being entrusted with the words of its contributors no less so. Removed from the direct pressures of ministry, about a year after I watched dear colleagues and friends in ministry and the academy hit the wall after pressing through the pandemic, I sensed myself also in need of renewal.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of praying for contributors who were facing crises; of watching nervous writers find their confidence and voice; of being entrusted with the words of academics, who do not weigh their words casually. When I started as Managing Editor, I had a steep learning curve, but Maxie, always indefatigably encouraging, has been gracious and supportive from the beginning. I’ve learned more than I could’ve imagined, and even I don’t have enough words to convey the joy it’s been to work with some of the brightest, kindest, and most creative leaders I’ve ever been privileged to know.

I look forward to continuing to cheer on Wesleyan Accent and World Methodist Evangelism, and I hope you’ll explore the excellent resources they have to offer and support their ongoing endeavors.

With abundant gratitude,

Elizabeth Glass Turner

Managing Editor