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Kimberly Reisman ~ Pray Today, Fast Tomorrow

In a few short weeks, Methodists from dozens of denominations and countries will gather for the World Methodist Conference in Houston – the first time in several decades that the event has been held in North America. We are excited to reconnect with our brothers and sisters from around the world.

Will you pray with us today for the speakers preparing for this gathering? Pray today for Jennifer Wiseman and Grace Imathiu, Harold Good and Rudy Rasmus, Joanne Cox-Darling and Yani Yoo, Jo Anne Lyon and David Wilkinson, Joao Carlos Lopes and Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Ted Campbell, Jorge Lockward and Ivan Abrahams.

Christ followers around the globe face diverse challenges and hardships, and at this time we are blessed to come alongside each other and run the race set before us together.

You can also lift up the World Methodist Conference as you join in the Wesleyan pattern of prayer and fasting – fasting Thursday evening through Friday afternoon. Join us in the discipline of fasting weekly as the conference draws nearer.

Pray with us and for us as we ask God for eyes to see ways in which the Kingdom is breaking into our world today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]