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Kimberly Reisman ~ Methodism Around the Globe: Ireland

In a small booklet a couple of decades old, there are a couple of interesting paragraphs about Methodism in Ireland.

“The Methodist Church in Ireland owes its origins very largely to John and Charles Wesley who visited Ireland on many occasions beginning with John Wesley’s historic visit in 1747. But even then he came to visit a Methodist Society already firmly established in Dublin by Thomas Williams, a Methodist preacher who had been converted in England under Charles Wesley in 1738.” (“Methodism in Europe” by Peter Stephens)

How inspiring to recall that God’s Kingdom cannot be contained, and that fresh movements of the Holy Spirit continually reinvigorate gatherings of Christ followers. Charles Wesley proclaimed the Gospel in England, a hearer 800px-Methodist_Church,_Athlone,_March_2012_(06)took it to heart and formed a Society in a different country, and John Wesley later traveled there to preach to the early Methodists living in Ireland.

As you seek to be a transforming channel of God’s grace, remember that your impact may outrun you, out-travel you, because the Spirit enlivens the words you speak and others hear.