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January 2018

Devotional ~ A New Season

Have you sensed God stirring up something new in your heart? Are you alert and watchful for what God is orchestrating in this new season? Are you able to place the past year where it belongs – in the past – and look with rash hope for the new things God is making in your midst?

Let’s take a few moments to check in on each other as we wait for the Holy Spirit to show us the next steps to take into this new season.

As you sift through your local activities and the global news, as you invest in ministry and note current events, what is the Holy Spirit stirring up in your heart during this season? How will you join the heart of God as God nudges your attention: “See, I am making all things new . . .”?


 What the Taj Mahal Taught Me About Love

The Taj Mahal is awe-inspiring. And of course, as is so often the case when I visit a new place, I learned something unexpected and meaningful in my experience there.


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Save the Date!

Surrounded by the rich history of the Wesleyan movement in Northeast England, as well as some of the most well-known Wesleyan historical sites throughout the rest of England, World Methodist Evangelism and St. John’s College, Durham University will bring together leading scholars for conversations about some of the most important topics of Evangelism today.

In this rich environment, we will examine the practice of evangelism in a context where many people seem distant from the church but still wrestle with the deep questions of meaning and purpose that are found in the Gospel.

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Georgia, England, Costa Rica: World Methodist Evangelism Gatherings

World Methodist Evangelism has been hard at work preparing to meet you on the road during 2018. Our events in the upcoming year promise to be times of connection, equipping, and transformation. Take a look at our upcoming gatherings and see if there’s one for you.

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 World Methodist Peace Award

Learn more about the World Methodist Peace Award nomination process and recent recipients here:


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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Resolutions: The Problem of Shibboleth in 2018

It is the time of year when resolutions abound. Or if not resolutions, goals. Maybe goals are too weighty a burden: maybe wishes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]