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In parts of the Western World many Christians seem to understand Jesus’ mandate to share their faith with others. Yet, these same people frequently feel conflicted about how and when to do so. Millennials, for example, report feeling though they have been equipped to share their faith, they are not always willing to do so. Just why this is so, remains unclear. This same generation of Christians reports having more close friends or families of other faiths—or of no faith—than previous generations.

This is another reason why the work of World Methodist Evangelism remains so important. At WME, we offer resources and events to strengthen discipleship and equip Christ followers to share their faith in Jesus Christ. One such event is our upcoming Convergence Conference 02-14 September. Held in Durham, England and in conjunction with St. John’s College, Durham University and London School of Theology, the Convergence Conference seeks to train pastors and lay leaders to engage an increasingly post-Christian context with the hope of the Gospel message. “Convergence” is defined as “movement directed toward the same point.” At Convergence we will engage areas that the World sees as unaffiliated, or even hostile, to the Christian faith. Yet seeing that they often times are attempting to move to the same point will help others share their faith when they are unsure, or unwilling, to do so. Scholars and practitioners will lead us in expert discussion and real-life application of ministry in the converging areas of:

Faith and Science

Faith and Pop Culture

Faith and Digital Age

And Many others

We will look at ministry with Millennials and the exciting opportunities that it brings. We will learn more about new movements of Fresh Expressions. We will learn, worship, pray, and reflect together. Learn more at: Spaces are limited. Register by 15 May 2019 to ensure your spot.