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Danny Morris ~ Asking the God Question

God, is this your will? Yes or No?”

Let us consider the God-question – a vital question for any person, any church, any day.

While doing discernment workshops with numerous churches, I discovered a major surprise: many people in the church are actually afraid of God’s will. I was frequently told, either publicly or privately, of the fear that if they asked for God’s will to be done, it could bring a definite hardship – as if God’s will is the worst thing that can happen. Many feared that God’s will might have cutting edges or hard and unhappy results. “God always wants you to do the most difficult thing. Ask for God’s will and you might have to quit your job, or become a missionary, or sell your boat! It is best not to get too close to God for, after all, God will get you, or make things difficult for you.”

I have found that just the opposite is true. God’s will is absolutely the best that can happen to us under any circumstance. Cooperating with God doesn’t produce hardship, but harmony. God’s will is not intended to cause problems but to produce power that cannot come to us outside of God’s will.

So, the God-question may be our most important question: “God, is this your will? Yes or no?”

Asking the God-question is not necessary at every turn of one’s life, but it is essential for all major decisions where you feel or suspect that it would be good for God to help. (If it would be, you need to know it.)

Therefore, here are two questions to consider: How different would your life be if you had frequently and earnestly been asking the God-question?

And, what would your church be like if you were corporately, consciously, asking the God-question about every ministry, every feature, or every action of it?