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Michelle Bauer ~ The Restorer of Souls

“He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” – Psalm 23:3 

We are so grateful to God for being our shepherd. Where in your schedule have you sensed green pastures and quiet waters? Ask for God to show you areas of your life that are parched or noisy. 

Slowly read through Psalm 23. You may want to experiment with reading it out loud. Pause in between each verse to allow time for the words to really sink in. Let’s focus our attention on verse 3 of Psalm 23.   

God offers you the gift of Sabbath today in order to “restore your soul.” In what ways does your soul need to be restored today? How would you finish the statement, “today, my soul is…” 

Sometimes it isn’t the big things in life that wear our souls out; it’s the little things that burden us little by little, over time.  Think about your phone’s battery being slowly but steadily worn down by apps running in the background. What things are wearing your soul’s “battery” down?

King David tells us in this verse that the Lord restores our soul. Your soul is the innermost part of who you are, where God meets with you. In what ways have you tried to restore your own soul? 

Verse 3 also describes the Lord as a kind trail guide. Have you ever been led down a trail by someone? What is that person’s role? What qualities and experience do you value in a trusted guide? Think of a time when you were on a “righteous path” in life and when you were on a dangerous path. What were those experiences like?  

One of a shepherd’s main responsibilities is to guide their flock from one place to another safely. When have you felt as if the Lord has led you from one place or season in your life to another?  What things, events, or people did he use to guide you? Ask God for guidance this week. 

Leave this quiet time in peace, knowing that it is not your job to restore your own soul, and that you never leave the Shepherd’s presence.