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50 years of Faith-Sharing by Kim Reisman

This is a milestone year for World Methodist Evangelism! 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of WME and we are enthusiastically planning to celebrate throughout the year.

Since 1971, when the World Methodist Council established WME, our vision has been that Christ followers within the global Wesleyan Methodist family would become agents of transformation by sharing the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. In pursuit of that vision we continue to equip and encourage Christ followers around the world to share their faith in the context of today’s realities. It is an honor and privilege to be able to bring together the over 80 different denominations in over 134 countries around the task of multiplying the witnesses for Jesus Christ.

The World Methodist Council continues to play a significant role in our work, and we are deeply grateful. As an affiliate of the Council we are blessed to be able to offer equipping ministries to the global Wesleyan family. Whether it be through the Order of the FLAME (Faithful Leaders as Mission Evangelists), international evangelism seminars, Connecting Congregations, faith-sharing resources like the Faith-Sharing New Testament and Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus, God has used WME to strengthen the witness of Christ followers during these 50 years.

I would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate during 2021. You may have stories to tell about your experiences with WME. We would love for you to share those! You may also want to host an Embrace training event (live, hybrid, or fully virtual) for your area. Embrace has impacted Christ followers worldwide, empowering them to go deeper into their own faith experience in order to better show and share the love of Jesus in their own circles of influence.

We would be grateful if you would spread the word about the milestone we are celebrating. We are planning a variety of teaching opportunities as well as producing an updated anniversary edition of the Faith Sharing New Testament, which contains vital information about the Christian faith and guidelines for showing and sharing the love of Jesus. Your support and participation, as well as the participation of the laity and clergy in your area, will greatly enhance our celebration.

Thank you for all you have done over these 50 years to further the work of World Methodist Evangelism. I’m looking forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration and partnership with the World Methodist Council as we continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ.