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WME – Frequently Asked Questions

World Methodist Evangelism continues to grow and strengthen. As we continue to broaden our reach and impact, raise awareness of our mission and ministry, and share the good news, people are coming into relationship with Jesus. Praise God!

WE419 (Apple/Google) is gaining momentum as we add videos, recorded webinars, podcasts, and chat groups. Our newest resource, Beliefs Matter is a podcast hosted by Maxie Dunnam, which was originally launched by the Confessing Movement, an organization committed to teaching sound doctrine. World Methodist Evangelism will continue to provide Beliefs Matter and it will be available on WE419, the WME website, and other podcast outlets. Additionally, WME is now coordinating Wesleyan Accent, an online resource with blogs, articles, and sermons that emphasize a Wesleyan understanding of the Gospel and our need to share it. The resources on Wesleyan Accent are available on WE419 as well as the WME website.



Considering some of the recent changes in the Wesleyan Methodist movement, many of you are asking how World Methodist Evangelism has been affected and how the organization will move forward with all the denominations we serve. To help clarify who we are and how we impact the global family of denominations, below is a short list of frequently asked questions to help you learn a bit more about World Methodist Evangelism and our reach.


Who does World Methodist Evangelism serve?

World Methodist Evangelism serves the worldwide Wesleyan Methodist family of Christians. This includes the member denominations of the World Methodist Council. It also includes a wide variety of other Methodist Wesleyan denominations and networks who share a historical connection to the Methodist movement launched by John Wesley, but who are not part of the WMC. These would include bodies such as The Salvation Army, The Free Methodist Church USA, The Wesleyan Church USA, the Wesleyan Holiness Connection, the Foundry Network, and the Global Methodist Church.


How does World Methodist Evangelism receive its funding?

World Methodist Evangelism receives NO official funding from any of the denominations in the Wesleyan Methodist family. WME also receives NO budgeted funding from the World Methodist Council. World Methodist Evangelism is responsible for raising all its funding and is completely dependent on the generosity of individuals, local churches, and grants from other organizations.


Is the disaffiliation process in the United Methodist Church affecting World Methodist Evangelism?

No. Because World Methodist Evangelism is independent from the United Methodist Church, WME is NOT affected by that process. WME has no role in or connection to the internal working of any of the Wesleyan Methodist denominations.


Is World Methodist Evangelism part of a particular Wesleyan Methodist denomination?

No. World Methodist Evangelism is NOT part of a denomination. WME is an independent, non-profit organization governed by an autonomous Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is drawn from across the Wesleyan Methodist movement, including the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the Free Methodist Church, the Korean Methodist Church, the Methodist Church Nigeria, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, the United Methodist Church, and the Wesleyan Church.


Who leads World Methodist Evangelism?

World Methodist Evangelism has a staff of four from across the Wesleyan Methodist family, including three fulltime and one parttime positions. WME also engages four individuals from outside the organization as team leaders for specific projects. Executive Director, Kimberly Reisman is a United Methodist elder. Other WME staff are laity from the Methodist Church Brazil and the Global Methodist Church. Our team leaders are elders from the United Methodist Church, the Methodist Church in Romania, and The Wesleyan Church.


You can learn more about the WME staff, Board of Directors, and other leaders here:

You can learn more about the overall work of World Methodist Evangelism here:

We praise God that the Holy Spirit continues to bring healing, grace, and transformation through the work of all the people in this growing worldwide family!

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