RIM Timeline

RIM The Residency Timeline

Residency applicants will work with experienced missionaries, pastors, and scholars throughout the application process. Once a resident is selected to the RIM Program an intense period of preparation begins that includes spiritual formation, Bible Study, theological studies in mission, cultural education, and fund raising.

In Residency, you will go through three different stages. We call the first stage “Unpacking.” During this stage, you will become more familiar with your residency location, learn more about those whom you will serve, and develop relationships with your ministry colleagues.

The second stage is “Abiding.” In this stage, you will be fully immersed in your ministry context and serving within your gifts and the needs of the community.

The third stage is “Sowing and Watering.” During this stage, you will coordinate with leaders in your receiving church as the prepare to continue the work you’ve been doing after you are gone.

Throughout your Residency period, you will receive regular mentoring with ministry leaders in your host church. You will meet regularly with WME leaders who will help you develop a deeper theology of mission and evangelism by reading various books and other literature together, and engaging in reflection periods on that reading.

Post-Residency is a stage of reflection. Once you return, you will take time to rest and re-acclimate to your culture. You will work with WME leaders to reflect on what you have learned. During this reflection period, you will discover some of your next steps in discipleship and service. Whatever God shows you through this process, our goal is to help you develop a deeper sense of God’s call for missional service in your life that will make a lasting impact in His Kingdom.



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