What is the Residency in Mission?
The Residency in Mission (RIM) is an immersive mission and evangelism experience designed for young adults who are called to serve beyond their home country in partnership with ministries in the Methodist Wesleyan family. RIM is a 9-12 month commitment that includes guided mentorship from mission and evangelism leadership experts.

Why RIM?
RIM provides opportunities for host ministries to strengthen the work in their local contexts while offering residents an environment in which to grow in their ministry service. Each ministry context has been carefully vetted to provide safe surroundings with well-established support systems.

Who should serve as a Resident in Mission?
A Resident in Mission should be someone who:

  • Seeks to be a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Has a genuine desire to serve others in Jesus’ name
  • Prioritizes the ministry goals of their place of service
  • Desires to learn more about missional leadership
  • Is exploring a call to long-term mission/ministry service
  • Is willing to raise their own support partnership team and be sent by their local church
  • Is teachable and flexible

Residents in Mission must have completed high school or the equivalent. Current or future university and/or seminary students are welcome to apply.

Where is World Methodist Evangelism currently placing residents?
World Methodist Evangelism (WME) has established a pilot program in New Zealand. Exact sites will be determined in partnership with local churches.

When does RIM take place?
Residents must commit to serve from January 2019 until their school term begins in the fall of 2019 (August/September) or they may serve a full calendar year. Longer placements are available. Contact us for more information.

How does RIM benefit the host ministries?
Furthering the ministry of the host context is of key importance in RIM. Residents are selected partially for their unique gifts and talents to further the work of the Kingdom of God in their host context.

How is RIM funded?
Residents are responsible for securing their own funding. However, you do not have to do it alone! WME will pair you with an experienced coach to help you throughout the process. Current cost estimates are $10,000 (US) for the entire RIM service time. However, the total cost does not have to be raised before being sent into the field. Exact pricing will be affected by a number of factors and be determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact WME for more information.

Wait! Isn’t that way too expensive?
Though $10,000 may seem like a lot on the surface, it’s important to consider that this is for at least a 9-10 month service period. Many short-term mission experiences cost $1,500-$2,000 for a one or two-week time period. Remember, WME will provide you will a fundraising coach who will help you with the process.

Can I earn university credit for serving as a Resident in Mission?
Possibly. Contact WME for more information.

What is the RIM process?
In partnership with ministries in the host church, WME leaders will help aspiring residents discern their call to missional service. If selected, residents will work with WME to raise ministry support partners, receive mission and evangelism training, and be commissioned to serve beyond their home countries. Residents will meet regularly with WME leadership for Bible study, prayer, mission and evangelism training, and coaching. RIM is divided into the following stages:

Stage One

  • Candidates contact WME expressing interest
  • Candidates complete online application
  • Interviews and assessments with WME staff and host ministry leaders

Stage Two

  • Mission, evangelism, and cross-cultural training
  • Development of ministry plan
  • Development and implementation of the support partnership plan

Stage Three

  • Residents report to RIM assignment and ministry service begins
  • Implementation of mentorships with host ministry leaders and WME staff for guidance and support through the residency experience

Stage Four

  • Return and re-entry. WME is committed to helping residents return home as smoothly as possible.
  • Debrief. Residents will meet with WME staff to discuss the experience, next steps, and future plans.

Ready to learn more? Contact WME.

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