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Speakers, Leaders, Special Guests

Rev. Luiz Cardoso
Luiz Cardoso is a Brazilian pastor serving in the Free Methodist Church in the UK. He is a missiologist, church planter, and serves as the Advance development manager at the message trust.

Additionally, Luiz serves as director of the Global Network of Evangelism for the Portuguese speaking world. He has written several books focusing on mission and evangelism, and travels frequently around the world promoting faith-sharing movements.



Andy Croft
Andy co-leads Soul Survivor Watford, an Anglican congregation, alongside Mike Pilivachi. Their ministry is known internationally for their unique approach to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. A Cambridge Theology graduate, Andy has been a part of Soul Survivor since his childhood, and now serves as a key leader in that ministry. He is married to Beth and has 4 young sons.

Rev. Dr. Rob Haynes
Rob Haynes is an author, speaker, teacher, pastor, theologian, and missiologist. His work focuses on local and global mission and evangelism, forming disciples for missional service, leadership development in new and existing church communities, and fostering new spaces for conversations on faith and culture. He is a seasoned mission leader and continues to research new ways of engaging in evangelism and mission.



Sammy Jabangwe
Sammy Jabangwe works for the Message Trusts (UK) as an evangelist in one of their mission teams, SoulBox. She is a speaker and a musician, and travels around the UK telling young people about Jesus.

Cristian Istrate
Pastor Light from Light Methodist Church in Sibiu, Romania and a founder of the Methodist movement in Romania.

Paulo Lopes
Paulo is our Director of Emerging Leaders at WME. His background is in international relations, intercultural studies, and business. He is passionate about helping people and ministries become clearer and better at what they do, and he loves to teach and preach with a focus on mission and evangelism.

Outside of WME, Paulo serves as a leadership coach through Spiritual Leadership, Inc. He has coached leaders and teams in churches ranging from small to large, as well as denomination level teams. Paulo is a Brazilian Methodist and has lived in the US with his wife Juliana since 2007. Together they have 3 daughters.

Rev. Dr. Luther Oconer
Luther Oconer is the Associate Professor of Global Wesleyan Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary. He teaches on the area of United Methodist studies, the Holiness Movement, Pentecostal/ Charismatic Movement, and church renewal.

Dr. Oconer is passionate about promoting revival in churches and seeing them renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He regularly preaches in renewal conferences and leads workshops on divine healing in the U. S., and internationally.


Ruth Perrin
Ruth Perrin works as a freelance trainer, speaker, writer, and researcher. She is a research fellow at St. John’s College, University of Durham, associate staff member at King’s Church Durham, and on the teaching faculty for Westminster Theological Centre.

She has 25 years ministry experience in, and beyond, the UK in church and para-church contexts and a particular interest in the faith of young adults. Her most recent book, Changing Shape; The faith lives of Millennials (SCM) was published in 2020. She also writes 2 websites www.cloudofwitnesses.org.uk and www.discipleshipresearch.com  which are hosted at www.ruthperrin.net

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Reisman
Kim Reisman is the Executive Director at World Methodist Evangelism. Also, an author, pastor, teacher, and theologian, focusing her work in the areas of evangelism, spiritual formation, leadership development, and the intersection between faith and culture. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, she was appointed Executive Director of WME in 2014. She is a frequent speaker and has written numerous books, most recently, ”Embrace: Showing and Sharing the love of Jesus.”

David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson is Principal of St John’s College, in which Cranmer Hall is situated. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religion. He teaches preaching and apologetics and contributes to a range of other courses.

Rev. Dr. Wilkinson is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and travels widely to speak and broadcast on the relationship of science and faith. Additionally, he has written a number of books concerning science and the Christian faith including God, Time and Stephen Hawking (Monarch, 2001)


Sessions include: Metanoia Core, Living in The Spirit, Living on Purpose and Embrace: Showing and Sharing the love of Jesus

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