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Shaun Marshall ~ Learning How to Tell Your Story

February 23, 2019

When Joseph has the opportunity to look back over all he had been through, his summary comment was, “God meant it for good.”

Kelcy Steele ~ A Mighty God for Miserable Times

February 16, 2019

God always delivers a message in your misery and a word for your wilderness.

Talbot Davis ~ Hidden Heroes: The Anti-Hero Hero

February 28, 2015

And when you’re on death row, you’re not really concerned with trivial pursuits, are you? Paul wasn’t dwelling on trivialities; he was dialed into eternities. That’s why it was particularly devastating for Demas to desert him. Because look at what Demas did: he loved this present world – its comfort, safety, and reputation – and in so doing ignored the next one. And Paul, who because he is on death row is dwelling on eternities more than at any other time in his life, knows something deadly: Demas has sacrificed what is eternal on the altar of what is trivial.

Talbot Davis ~ Lost Religion

October 18, 2014

“When God feels distant and you’re losing your religion, something else is going on. He’s like the sun. When it gets dark, that’s because the earth turns, not because anything happened with the sun, and it’s the same with God. We lose our religion when we turn, not when he does, and when we turn, our hands get busy making our own gods. The same gods who invariably, inevitably disappoint…”

Talbot Davis ~ Doubt’s Big Bang

September 6, 2014

I have known for several years that on some level behavior precedes doubt.
In other words, we don’t arrive at our shadow of doubt by objective analysis of relevant facts; instead, most of us begin to act a certain way and then circle back around and develop some doubts to substantiate that behavior.
We don’t think our way into doubting. We (mis)behave our way into it.

Talbot Davis ~ Laughing Doubt

August 9, 2014

Is anything too supernatural? Too mystical? Too great for God to do? Nope. Is it too hard for him to bend the laws of nature? Nope. He wrote them. You know what? You, too, have continual reminders in your life of not underestimating God. We have those reminders, items large and small, global and personal, to urge us not to underestimate God. To celebrate the ways in which he has the last laugh.