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A Faith-Sharing Movement

A movement; not just an organization.

World Methodist Evangelism is not just an organization. WME is a movement. This movement exists to keep evangelism in the forefront of minds and hearts, especially in difficult situations when faith and hope are so desperately needed. We join hands around the world to encourage Christ followers to show and share the Love of Jesus, to be empowered to live out their faith with confidence, and to spread the message of the healing love and grace of Christ.

In 1971 the World Methodist Council decided to proclaim its belief that “preaching the gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ are the supreme business of the Church.” With that commitment, World Methodist Evangelism was born.

Now, in our current work as a Council affiliate and autonomous 501(c)3 organization, WME is blessed to witness the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. God continues to place new opportunities before us and blesses us with new missional and collaborative relationships for the advancement of the gospel.

We are grateful to everyone who comes alongside us for this great work!

Our Regional Secretaries (whom we began introducing you to last month) are dedicated leaders in the broader Wesleyan Methodist family who help identify evangelism needs, challenges, opportunities, and joys in their areas and thus guide us in our work. Our Regional Secretaries bring the voice of their areas into the work of WME and bring the voice of WME into the work in their areas.  We currently have twenty-one secretaries.

The Next Generation Advisory Board is a group of enthusiastic young people who help plan, implement and evaluate our events and gatherings.  This volunteer team works throughout the year to shape the schedule and discussion topics as well as facilitate the main sessions and praise/devotional time. This advisory board guides the wide variety of programs associated with the Order of the FLAME as well as provides collaborative leadership in planning and implementing our international young adult gathering, Metanoia, which takes place on a 2-3 year cycle.

Our Board of Directors is a spirit-led team responsible for governing WME for maximum effectiveness.  They are passionate about multiplying the witnesses for Jesus Christ and believe WME is one of God’s strategic instruments for reaching the world with the good news of the gospel. Board members are recruited based on the gifts and talents they bring to the organization, with a mind to denominational representation across the Wesleyan Methodist family of churches.  We currently have a fourteen-member governing Board of Directors.

And YOU, our valued partner, dedicated donor, and treasured friend, we thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to evangelism

The early Methodists set the example that “the people” are the church in the world. Together we all work to empower believers to go out and be the embodiment of Christ; to give believers confidence and fortitude to live out their faith in a world that seems to challenge it.

Thank you all for being part of this shared passion for evangelism.